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The Polish exposition is located in one of the centrally situated pavilions, accessible from the main EXPO promenade. The space of 397,53 m2, allocated to us by the organisers will be filled with a Polish interpretation of EXPO leading theme – “Future Energy”. The message becomes a development of the motto of Polish participation in the Exhibition “Poland: creative people, smart energy”.


The spacious construction of Polish exposition will demonstrate - in a modern way and with the use of multimedia - how we successfully combine traditional energy solutions with modern technological ideas, taking care of natural environment. Three main themes intertwine in Polish presentation, namely: revitalisation, afforestation and clean coal technologies. In each of them, in line with the leading motto of Polish exposition – “Creative people, smart energy” – we present unique, creative, resourceful and hardworking people who are the strength of our country. We demonstrate that nature and industry do not stand in opposition to each other, and that prudent use of natural resources is the grounds of Polish economy. At Polish exposition, we will present, i.a., modern methods of coal gasification – the so-called blue coal, innovative materials absorbing light – the so-called Perovskites, the biodiversity of Polish forests, and the afforestation technologies. The materials we use for our exposition reflect the latest achievements of the Polish energy sector. Moreover, for the first time presentations of technological solutions offered by Polish companies will be an element of the exposition.


On the second level of the Pavilion, open to visitors, there will be some space dedicated to the candidacy of Poland to organise the International EXPO exhibition in 2022 in Łódź. A food part and a gift shop will be located there.


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