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Red borscht, duck with squash or cottage cheese with cherry - thanks to the restaurant in the Polish pavilion at the World Expo 2017, Lodz region flavours conquer Astana! This cuisine is formed at the crossroads of many cultures and culinary traditions including Polish, Russian, Jewish and German cuisines. The mix of flavors and styles is visible not only on the dishes, but also in the interior design.

On a space of about 160 m2 on the second floor of the Polish pavilion, a stylish resatuarant has been created. Its  individual zones are inspired by: the August 6 Street in Lodz, the interior of an elegant Fabrykan Palace and a 19th century train.

Appart from dining on the premises, the restaurant also offers catering. The restaurant covers food services at all the events in the Polish pavilion.

For ordering catering please contact:




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