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The main theme of EXPO 2017 Astana International is “Future Energy” and it encompasses the following issues: reduction of CO2 emission, living in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency, energy for everyone.


Over 100 countries and organisations will participate in EXPO 2017 Astana, and they will present their interpretations of its main theme. Thus their achievements in the fields of science, advanced technologies, management, innovative business models and changes in social attitudes will be shown.


Formulating the theme of EXPO, its organisers assumed that modern civilisation couldn’t exist without energy. Energy is necessary for all domains of human activity, and access to it enhances dynamical social development. Energy is one of the main factors of economic, cultural and social development, and its stable production and right use builds a sustainable economy. Energy is key for every branch of economy and discovering new energy sources gives societies and countries a chance for development.




Energy resources, however, are limited and the way we use them today is not always optimal for the planet. The organisers of EXPO, by selecting the theme, want us to stop, thing over and assess our attitude towards the use of energy. Among global challenges that will come up in discussions during EXPO 2017 include, i.a., global warming and climate changes, development, energy security and limited natural resources, access to water, maintaining biodiversity, and promoting global equality.




The mission of the Kazakh EXPO is a global dialogue on strategic priorities of contemporary energy policy and a common search for answers to the biggest challenges of our times. The main aim is to create a new model of “Future Energy” which will positively influence the development of our planet and will ensure a future for next generations. The exhibition in Astana will be a foundation for creating strategies, ideas and technologies to ensure equal access to energy and increased use of renewable energy sources, thus shaping an energy saving lifestyle and strengthening energy security.

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