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President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda at the Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum and the National Day of Poland at the Astana EXPO 2017.

And this is how we pass on our good energy at EXPO 2017! Check out the moving postcards from our gifomat in the Polish pavilion.

The Polish-Kazakhstan Economic Forum in Astana is the most important event for Poland at the EXPO 2017. It is enjoying great interest, but you can still subscribe to the reserve list:
We hope to have an opportunity to invite you to Łódź at EXPO 2022. The theme of the exhibition "City Re: Invented" will cover complex urban revitalization. This is an issue that fits perfectly with decades of recet history and experience of this city. Łódź writes an extraordinary story about how to successfully overcome the ongoing social and infrastructure crisis.

The value of children's books cannot be overestimated. Through books a child encounters high culture, literature and visual arts for the first time. The books we expose our children to should be true works of art, well and beautifully designed, not a cajolery or too childish. It is indeed books that shape a child’s sense of aesthetics and the ability to appreciate the beauty.

Polish Pavilion at EXPO ASTANA 2017 has the pleasure to invite representatives of all the National Sections to EXPO CUP 2017 soccer tournament which will be held on Sunday, August 13

Less than a month is left to the beginning of the Astana EXPO 2017. The work on building the Polish exhibition starts accelerating. We invite you to watch progress made by the team EXPO MAZURY – the contractor of the Polish national pavilion, in the tab MAKING OF.

We will present our story of Poland on 700 m2 of the pavilion. On the ground floor, the two-storeyed exhibition, divided into zones, is being built. The first floor of the pavilion will accommodate the conference and office rooms and a Polish restaurant promoting Łódź as a candidate to organise the EXPO International Exhibition in 2022.


Our website already contains a visualisation of the Polish pavilion during the International Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

The portfolios and designs were assessed by the jury, which, in addition to the PARP representatives, was composed of: Prof. dr hab. Czesława Frejlich, Katarzyna Rzehak, Tomasz Rudkiewicz, and dr hab. Dawid Korzekwa.

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